Coral Catasons
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Music School Creu Alta (includes school work 2006-2007)

Groups that have participated : Sonats Wind Band, Adult Band, Small Band kinsó, Octet of Clarinet, Saxophone Septet, Quartet accordions, Choir Catasons, Vakomba Youth Choir, Children Choir (large group, group media and small group), Guitar Ensemble adult, Guitar Quintet, Youth Orchestra of Guitars, Guitars for Beginners group and group of Violins.

(recorded on 2007)

Concert of 20th anniversary

Stabat Mater Op.138
J. Rheinberger

Choir Catasons
Vakomba youth choir

Mariona Sánchez,

(recorded on 2005)

Quatre de Cors (Christmas carols)

Ampacanta (conductor: Daniel Gálvez)
Catasons (conductor: Mariona Sánchez)
Espirall (conductor: Josep Colomer)
Musicorum (conductor: Sònia Gatell)

(recorded on 2004)

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