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"Federació Catalana d'Entitats Corals" (Catalan Federation of Choirs)
At the service of world Catalan choirs. Includes information of the Board , delegations, activities, and has a list of corals that offer website and a brief summary of the history and objectives of the Federation.

"Federació de Cors Clavé" (Federation of Choirs Clavé)
From this website you can learn about the history of the federation, the existing discography, activities, read the Aurora Digital, known choirs associated, consult scores, find out about courses and other formative activities organized by the federation...

"Corals Joves de Catalunya" (Youth Choirs of Catalonia)
Information about the federation, its choirs, where to find them, activities, ...

Europa Cantat (European Choral Association)
European Federation of young choirs in its website you will find information about its history, its constitution, its members, the projects that are carried out and the latest news from the federation.

Internacional Federation for Choral Music
All the information related to the world of choral music worldwide, federations, members, offices and centers, publications, activities that take place...

"Federació de Cors de la Comunitat Valenciana" (Federation of Chors of the Region of Valencia)
Federation website with information about meetings, courses, magazines, scores, members of the federation, links, other entities...

"Bizkaiko Abesbatzen Elkartea" (Federation of Choirs of Bizkaia)
The Bizkaiko Abesbatzen Elkartea is founded in Bilbao on 15 December 1979. The Federation is divided into four distinct zones, trying to answer the communication requirements of the choirs associated with it


"Corals del Matarranya" (Choirs of Matarranya)
Choirs of Matarranya is an association of Choirs that integrates all choirs of the Region of Matarranya , among its objectives is to raise the level and quality of all choirs and for their partners achieve proposed activities and joint projects to increase the formation and progress the choirs.


(scores, midis, ...)

"Moviment Coral Català" (Catalan Choir Movement)
Music Resources on the Internet emerges as an initiative of the Catalan Choral Movement with the purpose of supporting the teaching staff of music, musicians and those in charge of musical entities interested in the area of music and choral music in our country. Want to be a place of musical resources of Catalonia has dance, music and song, and all kind of musical styles and musical movements of our country.

Centre Coral
This is a mailing list on the subject of choral singing with the objective of providing all people related to the Catalan choral music, a useful tool for communication and support. Scores, midi voices, translating songs, calendar, choirs, choral societies and choirs and much more ...

Cantemus, Centre for Choir Research
CANTEMUS provides this site in your free service showing historical data, reporting activities (courses, seminars, conferences and concerts ) that carry out public and private institutions, the Catalan Choral Movement, the European Federation of Young Choirs "Europe Cantat " (EC) and the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) , and has the new recording and bibliography of choral world .

ChoralNet. The Internet Center for Choral Music
Website of the largest global organization dedicated to choral music.

Scores Database of Xàtiva Choir
A collection of scores in pdf format and also Midis carried out by Xàtiva Choir to facilitate the learning of songs.

University Choral Society of Málaga
Scores in PDF and Midi voices for trial.

Scores of Hilarión Eslava Choir

Compilation of scores in PDF and MIDI.

The Choral Public Domain Library
This is a good website on the net scores Choral well known on the Internet. There are about 3000 scores of various composers. There you can find: scores in format Sibelius, Finale, Encore, PDF and MIDI.

Music Scores
Very good site and well known on the Internet, there are many different composers and music for various types of groups, vocal, instrumental, duets , quartets.... You can find: scores in Sibelius format, PDF and MIDI.

On this site you can find scores for choir in PDF, Midi and Finale. almost all are of French composers from the Renaissance period to the twentieth century.

Camerata ad Libitum
Choral music online. Here you can find scores of choral music and all kinds of information about choral music that is being done right now and that has been or will be. The latest scores of choral music, concerts, courses, activities, exchange and all kind of information about the world of choral music and its protagonists.
Scores of free public domain collection of over 2000 pieces for several instruments and vocal groups.

Lieder, songs and arias by classical composers of all time. More than 1500 scores can be seen and heard. The download works with subscription.

Música Internacional
International database of choral music located in Le Kleebach (France).

Classical MIDI Connection
A wide collection of choral music midis.

Música Viva (The Choral Music Archive)
Compilation of scores in PDF and MIDI.

Scores of payment. Music from different publishers do not charge delivery costs, fast service.



La Tecla
Browser that only indexes on its database websites created in: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Valencia, Castellón, Alicante, Mallorca, Ibiza , Menorca, Formentera and Andorra. You can find information about Choirs with its links...


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